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  • Stainless Steel bearing

    Stainless steel bearings can work well under such enviroment where is humid, corrosive and abrasive. They are widly used for food and beverage processing machinery, medical appliances and medicine equipments

    Stainless steel bearings(440C)

    The high performance stainless steel bearings can provides not only with the cleanliness and corrosion resistance characteristic also with the high accuracy and excellent wear resistance compareing with the high carbon chrome steel bearings. The rings and balls are made of the material as a standard constructure of stainless steel bearing, The rings and balls are made of the material of AISI440C( 9Cr18Mo or 9Cr18), the cage and the framework of seal adoption the AI304 or AI316, production accuracy could reach ISO standard ABEC-1 and above, and the vibration level reaches Z1 grade and above.

    Austenite stainless steel bearings

    We also can offer non-standard stainless steel bearings to meet special requirements from our customers. Comparing with high carbon chrome martensitic stainless steel bearing, Austenite stainless steel bearings have even more excellent corrosion and wear resistance , magnetism resistance ability. The whole Austenite stainless steel bearings are made of AISI SUS316L(316)or SUS304 ( including inside and outside rings , balls and cage). Austenite stainless steel bearings can't harde