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    Ceramic Ball Bearing

    The hybrid ceramic ball bearing developed by Shenzhen Xindawei Bearing Co.,Ltd . features bearing rings made of bearing steel (Gcr15) or stainless steel (9cr18). The ceramic ball bearing is mainly made of silicon nitride (Si3N4),rconia (ZrO2) or alumina (Al2O3),among which Si3N4 is of excellent overall erformance and has become the preferred material for ceramic ball bearing.
        The density of Si3N4 ceramic is 3.20g/cm3, much lower than that of bearing steel (7.85g/cm3). For this reason, the ceramic rolling element can effectively restrain the centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation and reduce the load of rolling element.
    Meanwhile, it can also reduce the rotational slide between the rolling element and the raceway surface and thus prevent surface damage. Therefore, ceramic ball bearing is the best choice for high-speed rotation application, such as high-speed motor spindle bearing, machine spindle bearing, dental drill bearing, high-speed wheelhead bearing, instrument bearing and hard drive bearing. It can also be used in civilian products like roller skate, aeromodelling and electric toy.